Emsculpt Neo

Tone muscle and reduce fat with a single procedure. It’s not too good to be true – it’s Emsculpt Neo. This remarkable technology combines RF fat reduction with HIFEM+ muscle toning for dual results.

Available for a wide range of treatment areas and patient BMIs, Emsculpt has changed so many lives, for countless reasons.

Hoping to lose the last bit of stubborn post-pregnancy fat?

Interested in strengthening your core and getting an immediate boost to your workouts?

Not finding the time for consistent workouts, and hoping for a quick, pain-free but effective solution?

Interested in a three-pronged option that accomplishes fat reduction, muscle gain and skin tightening all with one procedure?

Emsculpt Neo could be the answer. Schedule a consultation to learn more about treatment and receive guidance from our expert team.

Emsculpt Neo combines HIFEM+ (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy) and RF (Radiofrequency energy). The treatment applicator simultaneously emits both energies to impact both muscle and fat. We typically recommend four 30-minute sessions, which are equal to 12-13 weeks of high intensity training.

Radiofrequency – This energy quickly heats muscle temperature by several degrees, emulating the effects of a pre-workout warmup. This process raises the fat cell temperature to a level that damages the fat cells. The fat cells are then gradually removed by the body in the weeks following treatment. Studies have shown an average 30% reduction in treated fat.

HIFEM+ – This energy stimulates frequent, high intensity muscle contractions. The muscles contract at a rate and intensity level that aren’t possible during a standard workout. The muscles adapt to the stress and increase in size and strength. Studies have shown an average 25% growth in treated muscle volume.

Compared to other treatment options like CoolSculpting and liposuction, Emsculpt Neo stands out from the pack. With multiple treatment goals instead of fat reduction alone, and with a noninvasive procedure, you’re receiving incredible value.

Treatment areas include the:

Inner and outer thighs
Front and back thighs

How Emsculpt Neo Works

What to Expect from the Treatment Process

One of the reasons our clients love Emsculpt Neo is the comfortable procedure and recovery process. Emsculpt Neo saves time by concentrating results typically possible only with dozens of gym visits into four 30-minute sessions.

Consultation – We’ll begin with a consultation to ensure that Emsculpt Neo is the right treatment for your goals. One of our providers will discuss your needs and answer questions in this private, one-on-one discussion, and recommend a treatment plan that is an ideal fit for you.

First treatment – There are no preparatory measures necessary before your first treatment. You’ll lay down and we will apply the Emsculpt Neo handpiece to the treatment area. If you are having side by side areas treated (like the thighs or buttocks), two handpieces may be applied at once. During treatment, you will not feel any pain. Patients often liken treatment to a hot stone or deep tissue massage. There is a sensation of deep heating alongside regular muscle contractions.

Subsequent treatments – Four total treatments are typically scheduled over several weeks, with treatments 5-10 days apart. There is no downtime after the procedure, so you can get back to regular life right away. The only side effect is typically the type of healthy-feeling soreness you experience after an intense workout.

Results – It takes time for the body to process the treated fat and remove it from the area, and also for your muscles to build, so there will be a delay after treatment before final results are visible. Some patients see results right away, but maximum results appear around 6-12 weeks after your last session.

Follow ups – Fat reduction is typically permanent (unless you have new weight gain unrelated to the treated fat). Muscle growth can be maintained with regular workouts. Muscle tone from treatment will last anywhere from 6-14 months. Followup treatments can be arranged to help maintain your new shape and strength level.

Before and After Emsculpt Neo – Typical Results

Emsculpt Neo FAQ

One great treatment advantage is that it’s appropriate for a wide range of people, with a BMI up to 35. If you’re interested in losing fat and gaining muscle in the same area of your body, Emsculpt Neo can make a significant difference. If you’re in need of higher-volume fat reduction or seeking dual fat reduction and skin tightening, another treatment may be ideal for you. Request a consultation to learn more about your options from our team.

Emsculpt Neo is the next generation device following Emsculpt. Emsculpt employed HIFEM+ alone to strengthen muscles. Emsculpt Neo adds radiofrequency heating to reduce fat while contracting muscles. You’re getting two treatments in one, achieving both intense muscle contraction and fat reduction.

CoolSculpting freezes fat cells to eliminate them from the treatment area – but the effects stop there. Treatment only involves cryolipolysis (tissue freezing), so spot-specific fat reduction is all it accomplishes. Emsculpt Neo uses two types of technology to both slim stubborn fat and tone muscle, and also has skin tightening effects from the radiofrequency energy. This means you’ll see more noticeable results and a three-pronged impact – fat reduction, muscle toning and skin tightening. This makes your treatment investment as valuable as possible.

Like CoolSculpting, liposuction is also appropriate for fat reduction, but isn’t going to have an impact on muscle or skin laxity. Liposuction is also surgical and accompanied by a more significant recovery period.

Most people see ideal results with four treatments spaced out over 2-3 weeks. Each session is only 30 minutes long and there is no downtime following.

No, Emsculpt Neo is not painful. You will experience intense muscle contractions and deep heating. People often liken treatment to a hot stone massage and some even find it relaxing.

There is no downtime after treatment, and patients have experienced very few side effects. The most common side effect is feeling sore as if you’ve just had a high intensity workout (which your muscles have actually had).

On average, treatment increases muscle mass by 25% and reduces 30% of the treated fat.

There may be some associated tightening due to the radiofrequency energy and muscle growth, but Emsculpt Neo is not a skin tightening procedure. We offer a wide range of collagen-stimulating tightening procedures that may be a better fit for your needs.

While fat loss from EmSculpt is permanent, the increased muscle tone typically lasts between 12-14 months unless you exercise the treatment muscles appropriately.

Schedule your Emsculpt Neo consultation today to take the first step toward a stronger, leaner you.